Copper Sulphate of superior quality in different features are used worldwide by agriculturists and animal-feed manufacturers.

From the year 2002 onwards KONDODYS Copper Sulphate has been exported to countries like Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Nigeria, Malaysia and EU regions. Large crystals, 2-5mm size granules and sugar crystals are the different features of our Copper Sulphate exported.

Blue Granules (1-2 mm, 2-5 mm Mesh size)
Blue Crystals (Crystals of assorted sizes)
Sugar Crystals (Fine powder)
Large Blue Crystals (2-5 CM Lumps)

We offer extremely good packing keep stable the dryness of the material, provides SGS Test Certificate.

Packing In 5kg/ 25kg & 50kg Double jacketed HDPE Woven sacks/Retail packs of I Kg in plastics.

Materials ready for export

We welcome sole distributors in un-represented countries under attractive price package and prompt delivery schedule.