Copper Sulphate is a fungicide used to control bacterial and fungal diseases of fruit, vegetable, nut, and field crops. These diseases include mildew, leaf rust, leaf spots, blights and pod rot. It is used as a protective fungicide (Bordeaux Mixture) for leaf application and seed treatment. The ancient civilization employed Copper Sulphate as a mordant in their dyeing process. The Greek civilization of the pre­christian era of Hyprocates saw the prescribing of Copper Sulphate for pulmonary diseases.

  Kondody manufacture the following features of Copper Sulphate
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Large Blue Crystals (2-5 CM Lumps)
Blue Crystals (Crystals of assorted sizes)
Blue Granules (1-2 mm, 2-5 mm Mesh size)
Sugar Crystals (Fine powder)

  Feed Grade
Copper is an important dietary Copper supplement in animal feeds to prevent and treat copper deficiency in livestock. It is used in the elaboration of mineral pre-mixes, that complement the proper feeding of livestock and poultry. The fine free flowing crystals make it ideal to combine with other nutrients allowing the animal to achieve a balanced diet.


Copper Sulphate can be used as an ingredient along with lime in Bordeaux Mixture sprays as a fungicide to control plant diseases like untimely decaying, leaf fall & berry drop affecting plantation crops like COCOA, COFFEE, GRAPEVINE, CARDAMOM, PEPPER VINE, MANGO among others. It is used in the manufacture of plant protection fungicides & pesticides.

The 2-5mm granules is used as a soil additive to increase pasture copper levels. As a nutricious element (fertiliser additive), Copper Sulphate is important, allowing a healthy development to your growings, avoiding the deficiencies that arise due to lack of this mineral.

Our Copper Sulphate is widely used in the mining industry as a reagent during the flotation process, as an electrolyte in copper refining and various copper plating preocesses, as an algaecide it is used in waters that range from swimming pools to lates & reservoirs. It is used in timber processing as a preservative and in the manufacture of anti-fouling paints.

 Preparation of Bordeaux Mixture and Bordeaux paint/paste.
 Control of fungal and bacterial diseases.
 Topical treatment to combat hoof rot in horses, cattle etc.
 Correction of Copper deficiency in soils/animals.
 As an Algaecide in water reservoirs, drainage canals, pond etc.
 Raw material in the production of plant protection chemicals.
 As trace element in Animal feeds / health drinks.
 As a coagulant agent in mining.
 In leather, plywood, paint, textile & firework industries.

Product Specifications
Chemical Formula
Copper Sulphate Purity
Copper content
Matter Insoluble
Not Detected (DL : 0.004ppm)
Not Detected DL : 0.01ppm
Dark Blue Crystals
Weight and Packaging
In 5kg/25kg/ 50kg HDPE Woven Sacks / HDPE with Liner and 1kg packs in plastic